Import Methods

You can import your product catalog into SingleFeed using one of the four options below.  Go to the Products tab within your SingleFeed account and make sure that the "Upload Product Feed" tab is highlighted in bright orange.  You'll then find the following options:

  1. My Computer: manually import a file from your computer.
  2. FTP**: manually import a file from your FTP or SFTP* location1 or setup an automated, reoccurring import.
  3. HTTP: manually import a file from your HTTP location or setup an automated, reoccurring import.  If you are using HTTPS please specify in the url path. (Shown below)
  4. Store Integrations: SingleFeed currently offers integrations with ecommerce platforms like osCommerce, Magento, MIVA, Yahoo! Stores, Volusion, XCart and others2.  Visit our e-commerce platform integrations section for more information.


1 SingleFeed needs access to your FTP, be sure to whitelist our server IP addresses.

SingleFeed is continuously expanding our e-commerce integration offerings. Please feel free to ask us about existing or future integrations.

* SingleFeed does not support FTPS, only standard FTP, or SFTP (secure FTP).

** SingleFeed does not provide an FTP location for merchants to deliver their feed to.

Auto-Download runs at 12am PST daily.


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