Product Import Overview

In order for SingleFeed to submit your product data to the shopping engines, you will need to first import this data into SingleFeed. You can do this by submitting a file containing your product information (a "data feed" or "product feed") or - if your store is running on an ecommerce platform that SingleFeed has integrated with - we can grab your product information automatically.

SingleFeed is configured to accept various "fields" that contain information about your products. We require certain fields (like Product Name and Product Price) that are necessary when sending your products to the comparison shopping engines, but we also support many optional fields that we've determined can have a significant positive impact on your performance. The first step in optimizing your data feed is providing as much product information, and as many fields, as possible.

You should import a new product feed anytime your product catalog or data changes.  For some retailers this is every day and for others this is once a month.

The key components of importing your file are listed below, with a link to documentation for each:


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