Correction Wizard & Product Status

When you import your product feed it gets run through the SingleFeed Correction Wizard, which makes minor optimizations and will immediately report any issues or problems it detects. After this is complete, you should then see all of your products listed in either the "Active" or "Problems" sections

If this is your first import, all active products will need to be categorized and approved before being sent to the shopping engines. This will be completed within 5 business days. New products you add to your feed in future imports will also need to go through this categorization process.

Problem products are not sent to the shopping engines because of missing information (required fields) or formatting errors (unsupported characters, incorrect length, etc.), which need to be corrected. There are several ways to fix your problem products, but the correct solution varies depending on how you generate your feed. The first step is to click on the “Problems” box (found under the Products tab) and SingleFeed will show you what products have errors and what the errors are in red. Next, follow the applicable directions below to correct the data:

  • If you are automatically exporting your feed from your ecommerce store:
    1. If you are missing any required product information, see if there is any way to grab that specific information from your store's backend database and add it to the feed you deliver to SingleFeed.
    2. Likewise, if your feed has any formatting errors, consider making the appropriate changes in your backend database.
    3. If making changes to your backend product database or customizing the file that you deliver to SingleFeed is not easy, consider using our Data Sync feature.
  • If you are manually creating/managing your feed:
    1. If you only have a handful of problem products / errors:
      1. First review your problem products.
      2. Next, click "Edit" next to the product you want to fix.
      3. Make your changes and then click "Save".
    2. If you have more than a handful of problem products / errors, then you'll want to consider editing your products using an Excel spreadsheet.
      1. First take a look at your problem products and make note of what fields require attention (look for the red highlighted fields).
      2. Next, click on "Download My SingleFeed" and save a copy of the resulting SingleFeed Excel spreadsheet to your computer.
      3. Open the file, make your changes, and save it.
      4. Finally, import the updated feed to your SingleFeed account. Any active products listed on your spreadsheet will not be affected, but the problem products will be imported in the corrected formats.


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