Categorization Process

Once you have imported active products into SingleFeed there is one final step before we can generate and deliver your first engine feeds.  If you are an existing customer, this step also applies to new products that you add to your feed down the line.  This step is the categorization process, during which our team manually categorizes each of your products based on each shopping engine's categorization requirements and unique taxonomy.  This ensures that your feeds will be accepted by the shopping engines and helps you achieve optimal results, as proper categorization is vital to your performance on the engines. 

This process typically takes 5 - 7 business days for us to complete.

In order to expedite this process, please make sure that you have properly filled in the "Category" field of your feed with as much information as you can provide. For instance, instead of entering "Shirt", you will need to enter "Clothing > Women's > Tops > T-Shirts".  It is also very important to avoid category text which includes brands like "Nike" or promotional text like "Clearance" or "Top Sellers".  Getting categories right the first time you import a feed will help us get your feed out to the engines in a timely manner.

Please review the attached "SingleFeed Recommended Category Taxonomy" for more information about the ideal category structure.

Once we have categorized your products your feed will be sent out to your active shopping engines. Please note that when you add new products in future uploads, the new products will need to go through this categorization process. However, your existing products will be automatically updated and sent out to the engines.

The categorization work we've done can be seen in your SingleFeed, which can be downloaded from your SingleFeed account on the Products page. Open your SingleFeed in Excel or other spreadsheet software and scroll over to the Engine category columns ("Become Category", "Shopzilla Category", etc). Within these fields you will see how your products have been categorized.



Please note that the engine categories for each product have been hard-coded into our database and associated with that product's Unique Internal Code. In other words, our system has memorized the engine category for each of your products. For this reason, you cannot make changes to your Unique Internal Codes after categorization has been complete.  In addition, if you wish to change any or all of the engine categories for a product, you must contact SingleFeed so that we can modify your categorization for you within our database. If you wish to do this, please file a support ticket or contact your account manager.


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