Importing a Google Formatted Feed into SingleFeed

Google format support is in BETA. Please contact us if you experience issues.

Many ecommerce platforms offer a way to export a data feed in a format that is supported by Google Product Search. SingleFeed accepts Google formatted .txt files. We do not currently accept .xls or .csv files in the Google format. If you have such files, simply save them as .txt before uploading them into SingleFeed.

The basic difference between a Google formatted feed and a SingleFeed formatted feed is that the field headers are different. For example, Google uses the following field names:


While SingleFeed uses these corresponding field names:

Unique Internal Code
Product Name
Product Description
Stock Status

If you have a Google formatted feed and want to upload it into your SingleFeed account, simply choose 'Google Format' in the pull-down menu on the Products page:



And upload your file using any of our supported import methods (My Computer, HTTP or FTP). You can also activate scheduled auto-download if you have the Google formatted feed in an HTTP or FTP location. More on these options here.

See this support article for important information about making manual changes to a Google formatted feed.


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