How to activate engines

Before SingleFeed can deliver your engine feed(s), you will need to activate those shopping engines which you would like to submit to. This can be completed from the Engines tab within your account. If you are on the SingleFeed Starter plan, you can choose to submit your feed to a subset of the engines we currently support. If you are on the SingleFeed Gold or Premium plans, you can activate any or all of the engines we currently support.

For your benefit, SingleFeed has provided step-by-step instructions for setting up each engine. Please follow those instructions closely!


If you do not already have accounts with the shopping engines:

  1. If you are new to the shopping engines, and don't yet have any accounts setup, you will need to visit the specific engines you want to list your products on and create an account with each. For your benefit, SingleFeed provides setup instructions for each of the engines we support. Once you have created your shopping engine account(s), go back to the Engines page within your SingleFeed account, select each engine you want to use, and enter the required information (username, password, filename, etc.) in the appropriate place. that can be accessed on the tab for the specific engine on the Engines page within your account.
  2. A few of the engines have arranged free click offers for new accounts working through SingleFeed. The details of any applicable offer can be found in the sign up instructions for the engine. Note that the special offers (free clicks) are available only for new engine accounts.


If you already have accounts with the shopping engines:

  1. Go to the Engines page within your SingleFeed account and click on the shopping engine you wish to activate.
  2. Fill in the required fields. We'll store the information and use it to send your data feed to the shopping engine. If you don't have, or can't find, all the required information to activate a shopping engine, then enter all of the information you do have, and uncheck the 'Activate Engine' box. This will allow you to save the information you've entered and supply the rest later. Refer to our setup instructions for help in obtaining all the required information for your existing shopping engine accounts.
  3. If you still are having trouble getting all the required information, contact the shopping engine directly for help. Please also let your shopping engine account manager, if you have one, know that you will be switching to SingleFeed.
  4. Once all of the required information for an engine has been entered, check the 'Activate Engine' box and click “Save Changes.” If you have entered the correct information, the engine should now be displayed as “Active.” If you receive an error message, please recheck the information you entered and try again.



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