Yahoo! Store Import Instructions

Singlefeed can pull your product data directly from your Yahoo! Store. In some cases, your Yahoo! Store might be a legacy account and you may not have both an objinfo.xml and a catalog.xml file.* SingleFeed's Yahoo! Store integration was designed to use both files, so some data may not get imported properly,** but you can still load products with just one of the XML files from your store.

Please follow these steps: 

1. From the Store Manager, click Search Engines. This takes you to the Promote Your Site in Search Engines page, as shown below:


2. Locate the objinfo.xml and catalog.xml fields and select the Enabled option.  You will need to enter the Download URLs in a bit, so please write them down.  If you are unable to locate these links, please contact SingleFeed Support at In the example above, you would write down the following links: 

3. Click Done at the bottom of the page.  You will have to re-publish your order settings if you Enabled these XML feeds.

4. On SingleFeed, login to your account and click on the Products Tab.

5. Click on Upload Product Feed.


6. Click on Location of Product Feed: HTTP.

7. Click on the box that currently displays ‘auto-detect’ and change the option to ‘Yahoo! Merchant Solutions’.  Input your catalog.xml and objinfo.xml file names into the appropriate boxes. 

8. At this point, do not check the box that says ‘Enable auto-download from your Saved HTTP information.

9. Now click ‘Start Upload.’

10. Once the feed has been uploaded, you'll see that all of your products are listed as "Problem Products". This is to be expected because your Yahoo store catalog doesn't have all the product information we require. Click on the "Problem Products" box. Make note of all the empty fields. Usually it's Category, Stock Status, Manufacturer, and Condition.

11. Click on "Download my Singlefeed". Save a copy on your computer.

12. Open the file and make the necessary changes to your file by adding in those missing fields. Save the file.

13. Click on "Upload Product Feed". But this time select "Location of product feed: My Computer." 

14. Click "Browse" to find the document. Keep the "auto-detect" option as is. 

15. Click "Start Upload."



* You will need to import your products via this method, then download your SingleFeed file, edit the file to fix any errors, import the feed via My Computer upload, and enable Data Sync for the fields you have modified. 

** Most Yahoo! Stores are missing the field MANUFACTURER which is required by SingleFeed.



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