X-Cart Import Instructions

SingleFeed provides the X-Cart add-on as is and without support. SingleFeed does not install it for you and cannot help with troubleshooting. While it is designed to work with standard X-Cart stores using versions 4.1.9 and 4.2, there are many factors which are out of our control. 


Our first version of the X-Cart Export Tool supports X-Cart Gold stores on versions 4.1.9 and 4.2. Stores using other versions of X-Cart Gold can modify our Export Tool to work with their specific version, thus enabling many merchants an easier way to list products on the comparison shopping engines. 

The SingleFeed Export Tool now allows X-Cart merchants to submit their products automatically and in the correct format with ease! Our Export Tool installs into a merchant's X-Cart Admin page and is easily configured to map custom attributes to our SingleFeed format. By automating the delivery of the data feed, merchants can ensure their products on comparison shopping engine are up to date on price and more.

We STRONGLY recommend that you test this Tool in a development testing or staging area prior to installing on a live site for the first time or upgrading to a newer version of our Tool or X-Cart. SingleFeed is not responsible for any errors or problems that occur with this open source Tool with customized or modified X-Cart stores. We test our Tool on basic “out of the box” X-Cart installations for compatibility issues with every X-Cart and Tool update.


1. Please select the appropriate file version for your X-Cart store. Currently SingleFeed’s Tool is available for stores 

on version 4.1.9 and 4.2. Should you be using an unsupported version, please contact SingleFeed. The scripts 

were designed off an un-customized version of X-Cart; modifications may be necessary. 


2. Navigate in your administration area to Administration > Patch/Upgrade. Apply the patch file by browsing for 

the file “patch.diff” and click apply. Then apply the SQL patch by browsing for the SQL “patch” file. Please note 

that it is recommended to make a backup copy of all .php scripts as well as the database before applying any 





1. From your Admin area, you’ll notice a new line in the administration box on the left side of the page called 

“SingleFeed export” and click this link to get started configuring your feed export settings. 




2. From the Export products to SingleFeed format page, you can now configure your feed file for your store. First 

select your CSV delimiter for your feed. By default, this value will be a comma. You should only change this 

setting if advised by SingleFeed. If you make a change, you’ll need to click “Save.” 


3. Select the url file path that you want the CSV file to be located at once generated. We suggest using something 

like …/files or …/files/exports, but this is entirely up to you. You will give SingleFeed this complete file path later. 

If you make a change, you’ll need to click “Save”. 




4. If your store has additional fields that you’d like to send in your feed file, you can map them using the Additional 

Fields area.  To add a new field to map to SingleFeed, add the name of the SingleFeed field on the left, then 

choose which field name from your data base to map it to.  Please note that you can only map Extra fields from 

X-Cart to unused SingleFeed fields. All of the required fields are already mapped from X-Cart to SingleFeed. If the 

field you wish to map has not been added to the Extra fields, then you cannot map the fields on the Additional 

fields section. 



SingleFeed Field Descriptions 


SingleFeed field name  =  X-Cart field name/ values 


Unique Internal code = sku (productID) 


Product Name = product name 


Product Description = product detailed description (limited to 900 characters) 


Product Price = product price of the base product or product variant price of the first product (if the product variant  

prices are specified for a product).  


Product URL = full product url 


Image URL = full image url 


Product Type = main category the product is classified in 


Product Category = the full category structure the product is in; main category > sub category 


Manufacturer = manufacturer 


Stock Status = if the product is in stock, then the "Y" value will be exported in this field, otherwise the "N" value will 

be exported. 


Condition = the "New" value will be exported for all products 


Payment Type = a list of the payment methods separated via comma, defined and activated in the "Payment 

methods" admin page of X-Cart back-end. 


Keywords = keyword content of the "Search keywords" product field 


Shipping Weight = product weight 


Currency = “USD” will be exported for all products 

Other fields SingleFeed recommends be mapped as additional fields into your SingleFeed file: 


Manufacturer Part Number- This is one of the most important fields you will fill out, so take the time to make sure 

you enter the correct MPN. 


UPC (Universal Product Code) - This is one of the most important fields you will fill out, so take the time to make 

sure you enter the correct UPC. UPCs are either 10 or 12 digits long. 


Size- Optional, but strongly recommended for clothing. Specify the size: S, M, L, XL, or 2, 4, 6, 8. Separate values with a comma. 


Zip Code- The zip code from where the item ships.  


Color- Optional, but strongly recommended for clothing and other items. 


For more information and current news please visit http://forum.x-cart.com/showthread.php?p=249512



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