Volusion Import Instructions

SingleFeed provides the Volusion integration as is and without support.  While it is designed to work with standard Volusion stores, there are many factors which are out of our control.


Using this query will allow you to export your products from your Volusion Store into a feed that can be easily imported into SingleFeed's system. SingleFeed then can submit your products to over a dozen comparison shopping engines including Google Base/Product Search, Nextag, Shopping.com, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, Yahoo Shopping and more. SingleFeed allows a merchant to manage their products with only one feed instead of one unique feed for each shopping engine. SingleFeed also automates the product submission, and optimizes and validates product data being sent to the engines to maximize performance. 

1. Sign into your Volusion store admin and navigate to Inventory > Import/Export 

2. Select "Saved Exports" from the drop down. 

3. Click “+ Add New Query” 

4. Set QB Customer ID to "0" 

5. Set QB Table to DB_Export 

6. Set QB Title to SingleFeed Export 

7. Set QB Query Type to Select 

8. Paste the following into the QB Query field: 



, p.ProductName AS [stripHTML-PRODUCT NAME] 

, pd.ProductDescription AS [stripHTML-PRODUCT DESCRIPTION] 

, IsNull(pe.ProductManufacturer,'Store Name') AS MANUFACTURER 

, Round(pe.ProductPrice,2) AS "PRODUCT PRICE" 

, Round(pe.SalePrice,2) AS "SALE PRICE" 

, pe.ProductCategory AS [CategoryTree-"CATEGORY"] 

, 'Config_FullStoreURLProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=' + p.ProductCode AS "PRODUCT URL" 

, 'Config_FullStoreURLConfig_ProductPhotosFolder/' + p.ProductCode + '-2.jpg'AS  "IMAGE URL" 

, pe.ProductWeight AS "SHIPPING WEIGHT" 

, pe.Google_Product_Type AS "PRODUCT TYPE" 

, pe.ProductKeywords AS "KEYWORDS" 

, pe.ProductCondition AS "CONDITION(IF NOT NEW)" 



, pe.Availability AS "Availability" 

, pe.Fixed_ShippingCost AS "SHIPPING COST" 


FROM Products p 

INNER JOIN Products_Descriptions pd ON p.ProductID = pd.ProductID 

INNER JOIN Products_Extended pe ON pd.ProductID = pe.ProductID

WHERE (p.IsChildOfProductCode is NULL OR p.IsChildOfProductCode = '') 

AND (p.HideProduct is NULL OR p.HideProduct <> 'Y') 

AND (pe.ProductPrice > 0) 


ORDER BY p.ProductCode 

9. Replace Store Name (on line 5) with your actual website/store name. Example: ‘Acme Corp’ 

10. Set QB Export File Type to CSV. 

11. Click Update. 



12. Now that your query has been created and saved. Click on Inventory > Import/Export and select "Saved Exports" from the drop down. 

13. Select the saved query “SingleFeed Export.” The "Export To:" will change to CSV automatically.


14. Click "Export Now" button. If you get a page that displays some type of warning about your query, double check your QB Query in step. 

15. Once the feed has been successfully generated, you will be prompted with a link to download your file. Save the file to your desktop. We recommend naming it something useful that you’ll remember and add a date. Example: MyStoreNameSingleFeed05-11-2009.csv 

16. Upload this file to SingleFeed by visiting the "Products" tab within your SingleFeed account and selecting the "Upload Product Feed" link. Choose My Computer upload and browse for the file, select ok, then click "Start Upload." If you need help, try watching or following along with our short tutorial: “How To Upload a Feed

17. Once your feed has been processed you will receive immediate feedback on the import status of your products. There are several additional fields not included in the feed file which can be submitted to SingleFeed. 

For a full list of the other fields we support, please review our Product Import Instructions. If your site has additional fields, you may add them to the query by modifying the QB Query area.  Adding such fields to your SingleFeed export file may require you to add new or custom attributes to your store.  


We highly recommend including such fields as UPC, MPN (manufacturer part number), color, and any others you can or have readily available.


Any time you have a new product, make changes to any existing products (like a price update), please generate a new file and upload the feed to SingleFeed.  We’ll process it and send it out to the shopping engines as soon as possible.  


Please note that every time you upload a feed, it complete overwrites and replaces your old one.

Practice good habits; regularly back up your website, product data, and order information. We recommend that you test this query in a development/staging area prior to running on a live site.  SingleFeed is not responsible for any errors or problems that occur with this export query with customized or modified Volusion stores.  We have tested our export query on a basic “out of the box” Volusion installation.  SingleFeed provides these instructions on an “as-is” basis and makes no guarantee that it will work 100% with your Volusion store and may require modification.


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