Integrating with 3rd party tracking

If you use a 3rd party tracking solution (Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, etc...) you can easily append their engine-specific tracking codes to your product URL's via SingleFeed.

To enable or change your tracking codes:

1) Visit the Engine tab within your Singlefeed account.
2) Click on the engine you want to edit or view.
3) To enable the tracking code appendage, select the checkbox for "Append per engine tracking code to product URL". By default, the standard Google Analytics tracking code will be added (for example, within the NexTag engine, the default tracking code would be "utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=nextag"). If you wish to customize this tracking code, click the "customize" link and you'll be able to enter whatever tracking code you wish. These codes can be made unique for each shopping engine. They do not support product level tags/parameters. NOTE: leave out the '?' or '&' sign from the beginning of the tracking code. SingleFeed will automatically append the proper one. 
4) The next time we deliver a feed to that shopping engine, all of your product URL's will have the appropriate codes appended.



Finally, don't forget that SingleFeed provides our own internal tracking and reporting feature that will allow you to see clicks, cost, sales, revenue & ROI per product, per engine all consolidated in one place!! Visit the Reports tab in your account center for more info.


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