Shopzilla Cost Data Authorization

Shopzilla has requested that merchants who wish to have their Shopzilla cost data sent to SingleFeed provide a special authorization email.

This email should be sent to [email protected] and contain the following information:

Your full name:
Your email address:
Your Shopzilla Merchant ID*:

*First part of your Shopzilla FTP username. For example, if your FTP username is '12345_YSN-9wT', your Shopzilla Merchant ID is '12345'

Answers to these two questions:

1. Do you agree that is acceptable to send your data to SingleFeed?

2. Do you agree to provide written confirmation to us when you make a change in your provider - so that we may remove your data as specified?

Please email Shopzilla with the requested information so that we can begin including Shopzilla cost data in your reports. Please also cc [email protected] to your email to Shopzilla.

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