Shopzilla Cost Data Authorization

Shopzilla has requested that merchants who wish to have their Shopzilla cost data sent to SingleFeed provide a special authorization email.

This email should be sent to and contain the following information:

Your full name:
Your email address:
Your Shopzilla Merchant ID*:

*First part of your Shopzilla FTP username. For example, if your FTP username is '12345_YSN-9wT', your Shopzilla Merchant ID is '12345'

Answers to these two questions:

1. Do you agree that is acceptable to send your data to SingleFeed?

2. Do you agree to provide written confirmation to us when you make a change in your provider - so that we may remove your data as specified?

Please email Shopzilla with the requested information so that we can begin including Shopzilla cost data in your reports. Please also cc to your email to Shopzilla.


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