Billing Overview

Monthly Plans:

SingleFeed charges your credit card every 30 days starting from your sign-up date. An automated billing receipt email is sent to the account login address upon a successful charge. If a charge attempt fails, our system will email an automatic notice and will continue attempting the charge for seven days. 

If you receive an email about a failed credit card charge, please login to the account and update your credit card information under the Billing Info section on the Profile page. Typical errors are an expired card, incorrect/outdated billing address or monthly credit limit met. If the error isn't obvious and the card information appears to be correct, we recommend that you contact the card issuer directly. 

After the seventh attempt, the account will be suspended and a final automated email will be sent to you. You can reactivate the account any time by updating your credit card information. The next billing date will then be set 23 days in the future (because of the seven day grace-period before suspension).

Annual Plans:

Annual Plans renew automatically 365 days after the initial charge. All other information above applies.


SingleFeed does not offer payment by check or invoicing. We currently only support credit cards with a U.S. billing address.


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