PriceGrabber Signup Instructions

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If you already have a PriceGrabber account:

If you are already submitting to PriceGrabber, go to the Engines page on SingleFeed and enter your merchant username and password as well as your FTP username, password and filename. If you don't know your FTP information, the best option is to contact your PriceGrabber account manager. Stop delivery of any existing feed files that you are sending to PriceGrabber as SingleFeed will now be delivering the feed for you.

If you're new to PriceGrabber:

    1. Click here to signup. (Using our signup link will automatically apply the $25 free click offer once you fund your PriceGrabber account.)
      1. On the signup page, enter your store information, choose your PriceGrabber username and password, and enter your contact information. Make a note of the username and password you choose, as you will need to provide these to SingleFeed later in the process.
      2. Enter your initial deposit amount, your billing information, and choose your payment plan. We recommend the “AutoPay Plan” so that your listings remain active on PriceGrabber without interruption.
      3. Read the “Referral Marketing Agreement” and the optional “Logo” section, and click the "Continue" button.



    1. If everything is verified, PriceGrabber will send you an email that contains the code requested on the resulting page. Copy the validation code within the email, paste into the “Code” field, and click the “Continue” button.



    1. On the next step, PriceGrabber needs information about your product feed.
      1. Select “Yes” for the “Do you have a product data feed?” question. As you select your responses, more options will appear.
      2. Select “No” for the “Is the feed visible from a website / URL?” question.
      3. Select “Yes/Maybe” for the “Is your complete feed larger than 8MB?” question.
      4. Now choose a filename (we recommend yourstorenameSF.txt). It must be end in ".txt". Type the filename into the “Name of the file transferred to the FTP account:” field. Write down the filename you choose as you will need to provide the exact same filename to SingleFeed later in the process.
      5. Next, you will need to upload a sample file for Pricegrabber. We have provided one for you through a link if you right-click (or Ctrl+click on Mac) to download the file attached at the bottom of this article. Save the file to your desktop for easy access.
      6. Then, click into the text field or click the “Browse” button to the right of the “Select a sample of your feed” step. Upload the sample file to your Pricegrabber account and click the "Analyze my feed" button. Pricegrabber then will show you how they plan to map your fields to theirs. Make sure the mappings look correct.
      7. Click "Save Changes" button


    1. The next step of the signup process requires you to set your shipping and tax options. Please complete this section according to your specific situation. If you have provided shipping information in your SingleFeed, we'll include this in your PriceGrabber feed; or you can set a rule about how PriceGrabber should calculate the shipping costs. Don't worry though -- you can always come back and change it later if need be. When you are finished, click the “Continue” button.



    1. The last page will show you all of the information you entered for your new PriceGrabber account. Make sure everything is correct.



    1. Now, return to the Engines page within your SingleFeed account and click the “PriceGrabber” option. Enter your PriceGrabber FTP username and password, your PriceGrabber account center username and password, and the filename you specified in your PriceGrabber account (e.g. "yourstorenameSF.txt"). Finally, make sure the “Activate Engine” box is checked and click the “Save Changes” button.



  1. Your first feed submission to PriceGrabber will occur within 24 hours of activating the engine, assuming you have active, categorized products in your SingleFeed account. From there, it can take 2 - 4 weeks for PriceGrabber to review, process, and publish your listings. 


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