PowerReviews Signup Instructions

Click the link HERE to receive a Free 30-day Trial.  Click on the Sign up Now button at the top of the page and then choose the proper plan (all come with a Free 30 day trial).

  • Once you've made your way through the simple sign up process, you will be taken to the Integration Wizard. Click 'Edit' next to Step 1.
  • On the Select eCommerce Platform page, select 'Other - PowerReviews Fixed Format' then click Finish (see screenshot below).


  • Before you go to Step 2, return to SingleFeed and Activate PowerReviews by providing us with your PowerReviews username and password. It will take 24 hours for SingleFeed to deliver the first feed to PowerReviews.

Once 24 hours have elapsed, return to the PowerReviews sign up process and click 'Edit' next to Step 2.

  • On the Upload Product Feed page, click the radio button next to 'Get File from URL' and enter the URL that is found when you click to Activate PowerReviews on SingleFeed. Do not enter http://.

The format of the URL string will look something like this: feeds.singlefeed.com/1315/802513463/21/data.txt

  • You should just be able to copy and paste the URL we provide when you click to Activate PowerReviews on SingleFeed (see screenshot below). Once done, click 'Next' at the bottom of the page.


  • Steps 3, 4, and 5 of the PowerReviews integration process have to do with selecting and implementing the Review forms on your site. If you run into any problems during this process, you can contact PowerReviews support. If you run into any problems with your feed, though, feel free to contact SingleFeed.

Please note - your feed file may not be ready or available for up to 24 hours after you initially activate PowerReviews with SingleFeed.


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