Shopzilla 2.0 Feed Format Support

SingleFeed supports Shopzilla's new feed format, known as Shopzilla 2.0.

You can activate Shopzilla 2.0 feed delivery from the Engines page of your SingleFeed account. When you do so:

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you have an authorization from Shopzilla to use the new feed format. Check with your Shopzilla rep if you are not sure.
  • Use a different feed name than what you currently use! We recommend 'SFdata2.txt' but you can choose any new name that Shopzilla knows to expect.
Additional notes:
  • IMPORTANT: SingleFeed currently maps your MPNs or ISBNs, if provided, to Shopzilla's SKU field. With 2.0 format, we will instead map your UICs to their Unique ID field. This has benefits such as ensuring no products have duplicate Unique IDs. The downside is that when the primary product identifiers change, you will lose relevancy history and may need to reset your bids. You may also see a significant, though temporary, drop in clicks and orders from Shopzilla. If you have MPNs or ISBNs for most or all products, consider making the transition to 2.0 during a "quiet season" for your business to minimize potential disruption. If you don't have MPNs or ISBNs, your product identifiers at Shopzilla do not change.
  • You will need to recreate include choices for Shopzilla 2.0 by using the field "Include Shopzilla 2". Your current Shopzilla choices do not transfer automatically. More on include fields here.
  • You will need to copy over any custom 3rd party tracking parameters from your existing Shopzilla entry on the Engines page. More here.
  • Shopzilla Merchant ID is the first, numeric, part of your FTP username. For example, if your FTP username is '12345_YSN-9wT', your Shopzilla Merchant ID is '12345'.

We will notify Shopzilla support team when the first new format feed is delivered, but it is important that you also keep Shopzilla in the loop to ensure the transition goes smoothly. 


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