Google Shopping Signup Instructions

*This Shopping engine has special program policies. Please see below for details.*


If you already list your products on Google Shopping:

  • If you already have a Google Shopping account set up, you will need to create a new data feed location for SingleFeed. Simply log in to your Google Merchant account and follow the directions below.
  • If you can't remember the login information for your Google Merchant account, please contact SingleFeed at and we will work with Google on your behalf.


If you are new to Google Shopping:


Click here to go to the Sign Up page for your Google Merchant account.

Once you’ve logged into or created your Google Merchant account, you will go to the Merchant Center “Dashboard.” See image below. 



There are 6 easy steps to complete before we can begin sending a feed to Google.

Step 1:

Create a new data feed. Click on the Data feeds link then select “create new feed”.



On the “New Data Feed” page, this information refers to the feed that SingleFeed is going to upload for you.

  1. Please make sure the drop downs show that your “Target country” is “United States” and that your “Data feed type” is “googleshopping” only.
  2. The “Data feed filename” is your choice, but it must be a “.txt” file. We recommend "yourstorenameSF.txt" to keep things simple. For example, if your store name is GreatGoods, enter greatgoodsSF.txt as the filename. Whatever you choose, make sure you make note of it because SingleFeed will need it later in the process.
  3. Do NOT check the box for "I want to use Google Spreadsheet to store, edit and upload my feed"
  4. Finally, click the “Save changes” button.



Step 2:

Before your feed will be processed you will need to make sure your site URL has been verified. If you have not completed filling out all the information on this page please do so now.


To verify your URL;

First, click on the “Settings” link in the left hand column to expand the options display. Then, click on the “General” link.




Follow the steps outlined on the “Verify this URL” link to complete the process.


 Step 3:

Once you’ve set up a location for the data feed and verified the URL, you need to create your FTP settings. First, click on the “Settings” link in the left hand column to expand the options display. Then, click on the “FTP” link that displays below “Settings.” If you're updating your existing account, please be sure to remove or pause any existing "Upload schedule" settings that you may currently have. You do not want to have two feeds being delivered to the same account.


On this screen, you’ll create your Google FTP username and password.  Your username can be practically anything, but again, you’ll want to make note of both the username and password you choose because SingleFeed needs this information later in the process.  Once you’ve entered your choices, click the “Save Changes” button.


Step 4:

Google accepts Tax & Shipping information in 1 of 2 ways;

  1. In the data feed or 
  2. In the Google Merchant Center

If you are going to submit these values in the feed please review our supported fields’ document here for the proper format. 

If you are not going to send this information in your feed please make sure the values are set in the Merchant Center before the initial feed is delivered. Google may deny the feed if this information is not available.


Step 5:

You will need an AdWords account that is linked to your Merchant Center account in order to set up your Product Listing Ads campaigns for Google Shopping in the US. You can create a new account from the Merchant Center, get started at, or use an existing AdWords account.

To link a PLA campaign through the Merchant Center;

First, click on the “Settings” link in the left hand column to expand the options display. Then, click on the “Adwords” link. Then follow the instructions for creating a Product Listing Ads campaigns or linking a different AdWords account.



Step 6:  

Now you’re done setting up your Google Shopping account! Go back to the Engines page within your SingleFeed account and enter all of the Google information requested: your FTP username/password, the feed file name you chose, and your Google Shopping account username/password. Make sure you enter all of the information on SingleFeed exactly as you did on Google Shopping. Please note: it may take Google an hour or so to set up the FTP information after you create it. If it has been less than 2 hours since you created your FTP information, uncheck the "Activate Engine" box at the bottom, click the “Save Changes” button, and return here after 2 hours. At that time, simply select “Google Product Search,” check the “Activate Engine” box, and click the “Save Changes” button.




Your first feed submission to Google Shopping will occur within 24 hours of activating the engine, assuming you have active, categorized products in your SingleFeed account. From there, it can take 1 - 2 business days for Google to review, process, and publish your listings. 


Google Requirements

  • Google Account
  • Google Merchant Center account
  • AdWords account (US only)

Restricted products

(For questions about restricted products please go here)

  • Alcohol
  • Casinos and Gambling Equipment
  • Endangered Species
  • Fake Documents
  • Fireworks
  • Healthcare and Medicine * OTC products, Vitamins, Dietary supplements are OK
  • Human Remains and Body Parts
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Illegal Hacking
  • Illegal Products
  • Immovable Property
  • Live Animals
  • Online Gaming Goods and Currency
  • Tobacco Products
  • Traffic Devices
  • Stolen Property and Lock Picking Devices
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Wholesale Currency

Special Requirements for Merchants Selling Apparel

Please consult your Account Manager for details.




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