Microsoft Bing Shopping Signup Instructions

If you already list products on Bing Shopping

Please follow the directions below for retrieving your data feed information including file name and  ftp credentials.



If you are new to Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping has been integrated with Microsoft AdCenter. All new Bing Shopping accounts must be created through Microsoft AdCenter.

Please complete all of the required signup steps before creating your store catalog.

To create your Bing Store Catalog


Select the "Tools" menu from the top right hand corner.




From the Tools page navigate to the Bing Merchant Center




New merchants will need to create a new store.

Existing merchants will need to access their current store to locate the data feed file name and ftp credentials.




New Merchants: Once you have created your store you will need to create a catalog for that Store.

From the Store Summary page select the "Catalog Management" tab. Then select the "Create New Catalog" link.





Chose an appropriate name for your store catalog and the file name you wish to use. 

We recommend "bingshopping" or something similar.

**Save this information for later you will need to enter it into your SingleFeed account.**

Once you are finished labeling your catalog and data feed file name select SAVE. Now navigate to the "FTP SETTINGS" tab to create your ftp credentials.



On the FTP SETTINGS tab you will create an ftp username and password for uploading your data feed.

**Save this information for later you will need to enter it into your SingleFeed account.**





After you have created your Bing Shopping account and Catalog, please provide us with your login information via the Engines page of your SingleFeed account:

  • In your SingleFeed account, navigate to the "Engines" page and select Microsoft Bing Shopping 
  • Enter your AdCenter username and password and Bing Shopping FTP username and password into the appropriate fields.
  • We recommend using the feed file name 'bingshopping.txt', but any other name matching the one you chose in your adCenter account will work. Please remember to include the file extension (.txt) when saving here. 
  • It takes a few days before Bing will create your FTP location is you are a new merchant. If you receive an error message when saving your information, un-check the "Activate Engine" check-box and save your information without activating the engine. This is usually due to your Bing FTP not being active yet (our system cannot connect to it).
  • Bing may send you an email when your FTP location has been activated (or you can check it under the FTP Settings page in your AdCenter account). When the FTP is active, login to your SingleFeed account, navigate to Engines and Microsoft Bing Shopping, and activate the engine by checking on the "Activate Engine" check-box and clicking on Save. If you still receive an error message, double-check your login information and try again. If this is still unsuccessful, please check with Bing Support ( to see if there are issues with your FTP.




More information:

Bing has released a Merchant Integration Guide as well as robust Bing Shopping Merchant FAQs, which cover the steps of creating a new Bing Shopping account as well as integrating an existing Bing Shopping account with AdCenter.

Navigating to Bing Shopping in adCenter:

Upon login, go to Tools - Bing Shopping Account Management:


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