Bizrate Canada Signup Instructions

If you are interested in listing your products on, please contact the SingleFeed support team at and we will walk you through the required steps. Please also contact your Shopzilla/Bizrate rep to get the set-up process started in their end.

Before you can list your products on, you will need to decide whether you want to send product prices in USD or in CAD (Canadian dollars).
If you send your prices in USD, you will need to add the following field to your feed to SingleFeed:

Bizrate Canada Promotional Text

And populate it with:

Prices listed are USD; merchant displays USD

If you send your prices in CAD, but your site lists prices in USD, you'll need to add the following text in the field:

Prices listed are CAD; merchant displays USD

If your site and feed display prices in CAD, no promotional text is needed.

To submit prices in CAD, please use these fields, separately from your USD price fields:

Product Price in CAD

Sale Price in CAD

Additional Information from Bizrate:

Here is some information to assist you in setting up your Canadian Bizrate campaign:

1. Agree to Ts&Cs
Like the US, there are no long-term commitments, setup or monthly fees or minimum spend requirements. Merchant campaigns can be cancelled at any time by providing 24-48 hours’ notice and remaining funds in a merchant's account balance can be refunded to your credit card. For a merchant to agree to our terms and conditions, please complete the short form below and click on the “I agree” button:

2: Set up account
After the terms are signed, Shopzilla will set up the merchant account. Before setting up the account, we will ask you for the primary and billing contact information and the store description.

3. Submit product feed
Please contact SingleFeed support to establish feed delivery in the Bizrate Canada format.

Promotional Message: If the currency used in the feed is USD, or if your site displays prices in USD, then you MUST use one of these 2 free promo text options below and notify your AM to be opted-in (if both your feed and site are in CAD, then no promo text is necessary):

Prices listed are USD; merchant displays USD

Prices listed are CAD; merchant displays USD

These must be sent to SingleFeed in a field called "Bizrate Canada Promotional Text"

4. Review flat fee rate card
Review our "flat fee" rate card which is included on the last page of the feed specs. Bids will be placed by Shopzilla in all relevant categories.

5. Payment
All merchants will initially be set up on invoice terms. Pre-pay will be added as a payment option when the Canada Business Services site launches 2-3 months after the site launch. After the terms are agreed to, we will contact you to get the contact info for the person that should receive the invoice.

6. Reporting
A weekly and monthly cost report with click and cost data will be sent to the email addresses you provide. Within a few months of launch, the Business Services center will be operational and you can retrieve this information as frequently as needed.


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