Catalog-on-Demand Signup Instructions

If you already have a Merchant account with Catalog-On-Demand

Follow the instructions below to update the datafeed information within your Catalog-On-Demand and SingleFeed accounts.

If you do not have an account with Catalog-On-Demand

Visit their website here to get started.


Once you have an account created navigate to the Data Import Setup link from within the Account Admin. See image below.




Updating the data feed information

Inside the Data Import Setup page you will need to update the Import type and Data file location. Please choose the Catalog-on-Demand data file type.

The file URL is available within the Catalog-On-Demand module on the Engines tab of your SingleFeed account. 

Choose what day(s) of the week you would like the feed to be imported on.

The encoding should be left as the default, UTF-8. Leave the Auto Start Time as the default as well. 




Activating Catalog-On-Demand

Inside your SingleFeed account on the Engines tab open the Catalog-On-Demand module.

Enter your Site login credentials.

The datafeed URL is located here. Copy and paste the URL into the Data file section of the Data Import Setup page in the Catalog-On-Demand Admin.

Check "Activate Engine" and Save.



Your new feed will be available within 24-36 hours after activation. 



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