Facebook Product Ads Signup Instructions


***The Facebook Product Ads feed must be enabled prior to setup within the Facebook Business Manager. Please contact your SingleFeed Account manager if you wish to enable the Facebook Product Ads feed.***


If you are new to Facebook Product Ads:

If you do not already have a Facebook for Business account click here to sign up.

If you already have a Facebook for Business account:

Go to the Engines page within your SingleFeed account. Click into the Facebook Product Ads module and enter your login credentials and select enable. 

Submit a support ticket here or shoot us an email (support@singlefeed.com) to inform your Account Manager that you have enabled the Facebook Product Ads feed. 

Once you have been informed that the feed has been generated follow the steps below. 


Step 1

Log into your Facebook Business Manager account and create a new Product Catalog or update an existing Product Catalog.





Step 2

Apply a label to your new Product Catalog and assign users if necessary.




Step 3

Add a new Product Feed to your Catalog




You can add multiple Product feeds to your Product Catalogs. If you have an existing catalog and wish to add another Product Feed simply

click into the Product Catalog ID link then select Product Feeds. Select + Add Feed to insert a new feed into the catalog.




On the Add New Feed form make sure to choose tab delimited and set the upload frequency to Daily. Select Schedule upload to save these settings.



From your SingleFeed account open the Engines page and navigate to the Facebook Product Ads module. Copy the URL and paste into the Feed URL field on the Add Feed form.





Your first submission to Facebook Product Ads will happen immediately after completion of the Add Feed form. Depending on the size of your feed it may take a few hours for your feed to process.

 Please report any Errors to your Account Manager. 

















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