Polyvore Signup Instructions

 ***This feed has special requirements. Please see the channel specific fields below.***

New Polyvore Sellers:

If you would like to be a Polyvore seller click here to apply. If you are accepted you will receive a link from your Polyvore Account Executive to submit your initial feed for review.


Submitting your feed to Polyvore: 

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the Feed Review form provided by your Polyvore Account Executive.


You will need the URL from the Polyvore module on the Engines page of your SingleFeed account to complete the Product Review form. See the image below.



You must designate where the processing report will be sent. We recommend keeping this the same as your other channel notifications.

The target country should be United States. Click Submit to submit your feed for review. You will receive a processing report once the feed has been accepted. 

For any issues please submit a support ticket here or shoot us an email (support@singlefeed.com).




***Once enabled you must create a product filter to exclude items without values in the Polyvore Subject field.***

While in your SingleFeed account hover over the Products button until the drop down menu appears and select Manage Filters.

Create a new filter with the settings shown below. Remember to Apply and Save your new filter.



See below for the list of Polyvore specific fields SingleFeed now supports.

Polyvore Redirect

The URL used to track this specific product in the Polyvore Promoted Products program. You may include a redirect URL
containing tracking tags. If no product-level cpc_tracking_url is  provided, the static campaign-level tracking parameters will be used.


Polyvore Tags

Comma-separated product breadcrumbs or location in site hierarchy. 


Polyvore Subject ***this is a required field***

Intended audience of the product. Currently, only products with a value of Women, Unisex or Unknown appear in Shop.

Please use “unknown” for Home items, and “unisex” only for unisex fashion and beauty items.

Products intended for other audiences such as Men, Juniors, Kids and Baby will not be displayed in Shop at this time and thus should not be included in the feed.

Polyvore Category

This optional field helps Polyvore categorize products. This must be one of the values below OR left blank for women’s fashion accessories (hats,
eyewear, scarves, tech accessories, gloves, belts, hair accessories, umbrellas, etc.). 
Accepted category values:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty
  • Home


Polyvore Label

Do not include this field if cpc_labels are not being populated. If you have opted to utilize Product Groups to manage your Promoted Products campaign,
assign cpc_labels to your products to create groups for promotion and measurement. Each item can have only one cpc label. but you can group your
products using up to 200 unique cpc label values, including “Default,” used for items without cpc_label values. The value "Default" will be automatically
applied by SingleFeed if left blank. Label names can contain upper or lower case characters, and can include spaces.
Label names cannot include commas and should be limited to 30 characters. If the header is included, all products without a cpc_labels
value specified will be assigned to a Default label.



Please note that new products may take up to 48 hours to appear in Shop.


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