Can I track my shopping engine campaigns through SingleFeed?

Yes! It is important to track clicks and sales from all online marketing channels so that you can better understand how to optimize your campaigns and where to allocate your marketing dollars. Some shopping engines may perform well for you, with a strong ROI, while others may not. Likewise, some products or categories may perform better than others.

Singlefeed has created a useful built-in reporting tool to help you track your performance across all the shopping engines you submit to. There are two different tracking versions (all included with your service plan) depending on the level of sophistication you need. To get started, roll over the Reports tab of your account, and click on "Reporting Overview". In the upper right corner of the page, you'll see "Tracking type: None". Click that and you'll be directed to the SingleFeed tracking settings page. We recommend the Advanced option. Installation instructions along with your customized tracking code for this tracking option are available in the "installation instructions" link. (Or, for quick access, just log into your account and visit this link:

SingleFeed allows you to track clicks, orders, revenue per engine over any given date range. Soon we will be adding cost per product as well. This level of granularity gives you the insight you need to make informed business decisions. SingleFeed also supports various 3rd party tracking solutions. Please view the knowledgebase article on 3rd party tracking for more information.


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