How do I setup SingleFeed if I don't yet have accounts with any of the shopping engines?

If you are new to the shopping engines, and don't yet have any accounts setup with them, you will need to visit the specific engines you want to list your products on and setup an account with each. SingleFeed provides sign up instructions for each of the engines that can be accessed on the tab for the specific engine on the Engines page within your account center. A few of the engines have arranged free click offers for new accounts that are working through SingleFeed (Pricegrabber, Become, Smarter, Shopzilla). Details can be found on the sign up instructions pages. Note that the special offers (free clicks) are available only for retailers that are new to the specific shopping engines. Following the sign up instructions, create each shopping engine account and then enter the required information for each engine (username, password, filename, FTP info, etc...) in the appropriate place on the Engines page within your SingleFeed account.


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