When & how are my feeds sent to the shopping engines?

Once you have uploaded a feed with active products (via the Products tab), have activated at least one engine (via the Engines tab), and SingleFeed has categorized your products, we will automatically begin submitting your feed to those active engines every 24 hours.  We submit your feeds to the engines every 24 hours regardless of whether or not you have updated your product info, as many engines give a ranking preference to "fresher" data. If you do update your product info, those changes will go out in the next daily feed submission.

You will receive an email notification when SingleFeed sends out your FIRST batch of engines feeds.  After that, the date that your most recent feeds were submitted to all of your active engines is displayed on the Profile page of your SingleFeed account in the lower right corner of the Products box.

If you activate a new engine and you already have active products going to other engines, your new engine feed will be sent during our next daily delivery.

Please note that delivery of your FIRST feed to the engines can take up to 5 business days as SingleFeed has to manually categorize and approve your products. Other solutions that guarantee faster submission are not taking the time to ensure that your feed is properly optimized.  Please also remember that each shopping engine requires processing time and may have delays, all of which are out of SingleFeed's control. 


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