How do I setup SingleFeed if I already have accounts with some of the shopping engines?

If you currently have accounts with the shopping engines you want to submit to through SingleFeed, it is very important to let your account managers at the shopping engines know that you will be switching to SingleFeed so that they can make any appropriate changes to your account in order to complete the transition.  It's very important to stop delivery of your old file before SingleFeed begins delivering your new one.

To setup these engines within SingleFeed, go to the Engines within your account and click on the shopping engine you wish to activate. Fill in the required fields. We'll store the information and use it to send the shopping comparison engines your data feeds. If I don't have all the information or can't find the FTP information for the shopping engines you'd like to use then, at a minimum, provide SingleFeed with your account login and account password and uncheck the 'Enable Engine' box. This will allow you to save the information you've entered and enter the rest later. If you need the FTP information (username/password) for one of your shopping engine accounts, that can be found, in most cases, in your account at the shopping engine. If you can't find it, contact the shopping engine directly to get it.


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