Why doesn't the number of active products in SingleFeed match the number of live products listed at the shopping engines?

The active products shown in your Singlefeed account represent the total number of products that have been uploaded to your Singlefeed account with no errors. Theoretically all those products should be submitted to your active shopping engines. However, there are a few reasons that may not be the case:

- You may have put an "N" in some or all of your "Include" fields. Singlefeed only submits products to a particular shopping engine if that product has a "Y" in the Include field for that engine. There is an Include field for each engine in the Singlefeed (Include Shopping.com, Include NexTag, Include Pricegrabber, etc) except for TheFind, Google Product Search & MSN Live Product Search because those three engines are free.

- Your products may be active, but not yet approved. Singlefeed must approve your new products before submitting them to the engines. This process usually takes about 7 - 10 days for any new products. During this time your feed is reviewed and your products are categorized for each of the shopping engines. Once approved they will be automatically submitted to the shopping engines. We base this approval process off of, and recognize your products by, the Unique Internal Code. This field must ALWAYS remain constant. If your products UIC changes, then it will become unapproved in the SingleFeed system, will not be sent out to the engines and will have to be re-approved(unless you change back the UIC).

Alternatively, it's possible that Singlefeed submitted all of your active items but a specific shopping engine may not be publishing some or all of them. Here are the most common reasons:

- Your Singlefeed may have duplicate products. If any of your products have the same unique internal code, MPN, UPC, Product Name or Product URL, it may be removed by some comparison shopping engines.

- Some shopping engines will disallow certain products based on their Terms of Service. If you think your product or store may be in violation of a site's Terms of Service agreement, check with that shopping site.

- You may have a 0 bid amount at some of the shopping engines. There are some shopping engines that require you to enter a PPC bid on the categories of products that you sell, before they list any of your products.

-Your CSE account may not be funded

Lastly please note that every engine has their own processing time for approving new accounts and some may take up to a week to get your products live after we send them your first feed.


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