What can (and can't) SingleFeed do for me?

What SingleFeed will do for you:

  1. We'll save you time:  It can take HOURS, even WEEKS from start to finish to get up and running successfully on the comparison shopping engines. SingleFeed can significantly cut your CSE campaign start time by taking care of the most painful and confusing elements of the process.
  2. Your feeds will go to the shopping engines every 24 hours: Adding to your cost and time-saving, SingleFeed manages the delivery of your shopping engine feeds! Even if you don't update your product feed, some engines will give preference to fresher feeds. With SingleFeed, we automatically send your feed out to the shopping engines every 24hrs.
  3.  We validate and optimize your product data:  Our software validates your data upon import, making sure that your product data meets the strictest requirements of the shopping engines, but it also performs a number of corrections and optimizations as the products are re-formatted for each shopping engine each day.
  4.  Your products will be optimally categorized for all the shopping engines: Each shopping engine has their own category taxonomy. Our experts will look over your products each time you upload a feed, and place each product in the correct shopping engine category. This is a significant task, but it's included with your plan!
  5.  You'll get the most bang for your CSE buck:  There's no reason to pay large channel management firms thousands of dollars for a black box solution with limited support. SingleFeed is a month to month service. There is no annual contract. You pay the per month rate of the plan you choose: Starter ($99), Gold ($239) or Premium ($599).
  6.  We keep your shopping engine feeds up-to-date and fully optimized:  When the shopping engines change their feed specs, don't worry. Because of our partnership with the shopping engines we're the first to know when a change takes place and will implement the necessary changes into your feed for you! On top of that, when we see a way to further optimize your feed programatically, we integrate that technology into your feed, so it's always one step ahead of the competition.
  7.  We provide web-based support:  Your Starter or Gold account comes with web-based support through our online support system. We provide support for anything SingleFeed related such as tracking and reporting, feed import, categorization and billing.
  8. You'll choose your level of support:  If you want more in-depth, targeted and personal phone support you can have that on our Premium plan.  Want SingleFeed to managed absolutely everything for you?  Check out our full service plan.
  9.  You won't encounter hidden fees later: At SingleFeed, we won't nickel and dime you. Some of our competitors may seem like they are less expensive upfront, but you may discover hidden fees later. Many firms charge customer service fees by the hour or tack on expensive customer service packages (read the fine print).
  10.  You can manage your bids for CSEs:  At this point in time SingleFeed supports bid management or a bid column in your feed for several of the hsopping enignes.
  11. You can monitor your performance through our centralized reporting system: With SingleFeed's reporting system, merchants can view clicks, conversions, and revenue by shopping engine with a click of the button. Merchants no longer have to log into 9 different reporting platforms to figure out performance metrics.
  12. You can still use the analytics platform of your choice:  If you use a 3rd party tracking solution (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc...) you can easily append their tracking codes to your product URL's. Within your SingleFeed account center you can enter specific tracking codes for each shopping engine and those codes will be appended to the product URLs that we submit to that engine.
  13. You can use SingleFeed with a variety of ecommerce platforms (shopping carts):  SingleFeed is making it easier for merchants to upload product data to our system. We currently have integrations with Magento, Miva, XCart, Volusion, OSCommerce, Yahoo Stores and more... and will roll out many more of these 'modules' to help all merchants more easily create data feeds.
  14. You don't have to install any software to use our services:  Many of our merchants don't want another software program to have to install and learn. With SingleFeed there is no additional software.


What SingleFeed won't do:


  1. We don't guarantee placement results:  SingleFeed does not guarantee any particular placement or position on the shopping comparison engines.
  2. We don't import your products into SingleFeed:  You are still responsible for getting your products out of your e-commerce store and into SingleFeed.  We'll do the work to generate your 17+ engine feeds, but you still have to do your one, single feed.
  3. We don't set up your shopping engine accounts:  SingleFeed does provide simple step-by-step instructions on how to set up your shopping engine accounts. We don't set them up for you though. Here's why: most shopping engines (the paid PPC or CPA ones) require a credit card for loading your account with funds. They also require specific information about your store, such as your customer service contact info, shipping and return policies, store description, official store logo, etc. For these reasons SingleFeed cannot set up your shopping engine accounts.
  4. We don't pay for your clicks: When you set up a new account at a CSE, you'll need to pay some sort of minimum deposit. These deposits all go towards clicks.
  5. We don't send feeds to marketplaces like eBay and Amazon:  Market place programs such as Sell on Amazon and eBay require different information than the "traditional" shopping engines. For this reason, we are not set up to deliver feeds to these channels.
  6. We don't work with drop shippers and affiliates:  SingleFeed does not allow most drop shippers (if you drop ship any products, please contact us prior to creating an account) or affiliate websites.
  7. We don't work with international accounts: As per our Terms of Service, your website must be in English and you must sell in US dollars. You must be able to provide a U.S. billing address.
  8. We don't manage your relationship with our partners (like Google, Become, Nextag) completely:  If you are already submitting your products to the CSEs, you will still need to partner those sites. If you are new to the shopping engines, and don't yet have any accounts setup with them, you will need to visit the specific engines you want to list your products on and setup an account with each. SingleFeed provides sign up instructions for each of the engines that can be accessed on the tab for the specific engine on the Engines page within your account center.


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