Why does it say "Your FTP information is incorrect" when I try to activate a shopping engine on the Engines tab?

When you enter and save the FTP username and password for a shopping engine on our site, our system goes out and attempts to validate the FTP username and password.

If we can't validate it, then this message appears. To fix this, the first thing to do is to double-check the username and password and make sure that they are 100% accurate. Check for mis-spellings, incorrect characters and extra spaces that can get included if you copy/pasted the information into SingleFeed. If you did copy/paste the information, try typing it in directly. The information is case sensitive, so check that as well.

If you just set up the FTP account at the shopping engine, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the shopping engine to create your FTP folder. This could also be the reason SingleFeed cannot validate it. We recommend waiting 15-30 minutes and then trying to save it again in your Singlefeed account. For Google, please wait several hours. If that still doesn't work, then enter the information for the engine, deselect enable engine and then click save changes. This allows you to save the information without validation. Submit a support ticket and we'll take a look at the credentials.


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