What is the "Unique Internal Code" field?

SingleFeed requires a field called "Unique Internal Code" (UIC) which is an integral part of your success on both SingleFeed and the shopping engines. Your unique internal code, potentially also known as a SKU, is one of several fields known as "unique identifiers." Unique identifiers include the MPN, UPC, ISBN and UIC and are standardized numeric or alphanumeric codes used to identify products. The MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), UPC (Universal Product Code) and ISBN (International Standard Book Number) are all global codes used to identify the same product across multiple retailers. No two products that exist will have the same UPC, MPN or ISBN.

A Unique Internal Code (or SKU) is also assigned to individual products but it is assigned, and only used, internally by each retailer. This is essentially a retailer's internal stock number. For this reason, the UIC cannot be used to compare products across retailers. A retailer may choose to implement a complex stock numbering system, to use the already existing MPNs (or slightly modified MPNs) or at the very least assign an ordered list (1,2,3,4...) to their products.



Regardless of what system you are using, SingleFeed needs a UIC for each of your products and there can be NO duplicates. Any duplicate UICs will result in major errors when uploading your feed. Equally important is that your UICs remain associated with the same products and that they DO NOT change from import to import.  Each product must maintain its same UIC from your first import to your last.  SingleFeed relies on these codes in order to identify your products, map them to the appropriate categories, synchronize them for our data sync feature and compile all of your product level reporting information.

If you do not have an internal stock number for each of your products please assign an ordered list (1,2,3,4...). Make sure that the numbers stay consistent throughout all of your imports and that they are always associated with the same products.


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