If I import a new feed, will it override my existing feed?

Yes, every time you import a new feed it completely replaces the feed currently in your SingleFeed account (although you have the option to retain some fields when using the Data Sync feature). As such, there are several points to keep in mind:

  • When you want to add new products: add these products to your existing feed and import the entire set (old and new products included, as SingleFeed does not support "partial" or "incremental" imports)
  • When you want to remove products: simply import your new, smaller feed which does not contain the products you wish to remove.
  • When you want to update fields for certain products or fix problem products: edit the fields you wish to update and import the entire feed, including the products with changes and the ones without.

They key point is that the feed you import completely overrides the previously uploaded feed.  However, you may use data sync to protect or save certain fields from being changed.  Also, please note that the shopping engine category fields are hard-coded into your feed. If you wish to edit any of those fields, please file a support ticket or contact your account manager.


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