My products aren't listed on Amazon Product Ads

Amazon's Product Ads program is a great place to market your products. Conversion rates are consistently higher compared to other marketing channels. But getting all your products listed on Amazon Product Ads can be a challenge, and sometimes nearly impossible. There are some common reasons why Amazon may not list your products. Here's a brief rundown on each possibility.

Presently, Product Ads are not available across all product categories. So you might have products in categories that Amazon just won't accept yet.  In these cases you may have seen an error message like "Seller is not authorized to list products in this category." 

For an up-to-date list of accepted categories, go here:

Apparel, shoe, beauty, and jewelry retailers will need to go through a manual review process. Amazon does not accept merchants selling adult products. For a complete list of products that are not allowed you can view their content guidelines here:

If you sell products in acceptable categories, and your products have been imported successfully according to the Amazon Product Ads processing log (found on your Product Ads homepage), please note that it can still take 1 - 2 weeks before those items are live on During this time Amazon is reviewing your content, matching up your products to existing products on Amazon, or creating pages for new products that Amazon hasn't advertised before.

Another possible scenario is that some of your products were accepted and published, and some were not. You can find out why some products were unaccepted by viewing your latest Product Ads processing log. You can download the log right from your Amazon Seller Central Product Ads home page. Look for the 'view processing log" link on the right hand side of the page, under the "Last Product Upload" module. This report will tell you exactly why a product was rejected. Some of the items you'll be able to fix such as Missing Image URL's, or Unrecognized characters; yet other items will be rejected because Seller is not authorized to sell products in this category. In this latter case, you'll want to talk to someone at Amazon to see if they can straighten that out for you.

In any of the above cases, you can contact Amazon to learn more about the issue. The first place to check is the Amazon Seller Central Help page. You can get there by clicking the Help link in the upper right corner for Seller Central account. If you don't get an answer to your question there, you can contact them via their online form:


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