How do I use my Etsy shop feed to submit items to Google Base?

You can schedule regular uploads of items from your Etsy shop feed to Google Base by following these instructions:

1. Log into Google Base with your Google account.
2. Click "Data Feed" under "Get Started."
3. Under the Settings tab, set the Website URL to the full URL of your Etsy shop (e.g., Complete the Display Name, Description, Timezone and Expiration Time fields and click "Save Changes."
4. Under the My Items tab, click the link for the Data Feeds page.
5. On the Data Feeds page, click "New Data Feed" and complete the "Register Your Data Feed" section. In Section 2, select "Products" from the dropdown menu for the type of item in your feed. Make sure you have "googlebase" selected for the type of data feed. In Section 3, under "Specify the data feed filename," enter an XML filename and extension like "shop.xml". Save.
6. Back on the Data Feeds page, click "edit" after your new XML filename to edit the feed settings. Under "Encoding," select "UTF-8" and save.
7. Again back on the Data Feeds page, click "create Schedule" in the Uploads column. Enter the URL of your shop feed (e.g.,, select when you'd like your items to be fetched by Google and click "Schedule." Your shop items will now be fetched regularly by Google and should start to appear in Google Product search results for the keywords in your item titles within a few hours of being processed.


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