How do I link my Google Merchant Center account with my Google Adwords account?

Product Extension Ads are hybrid Google Adwords ads that incorporate product data from your Merchant Center account (GMC). If you want to see examples, and learn more about how Product Extensions can positively affect your Adwords campaign, visit our blog post here:

And read Google's latest instructions here:

Assuming you have a GMC account and a Google Adwords account, there are just a couple steps necessary to start benefiting from Product Extension Ads.

1) In your GMC account, under the Settings tab, click the Adwords tab. Enter your Adwords customer ID.

2) In your Google Adwords account, you'll need to activate Product Extensions for your ads. You can choose which campaign to apply your GMC data to. For detailed step-by-step instructions, visit Google's help page here:

For more information on GMC attributes that can affect your Product Extension Ads, visit this page:

Singlefeed supports all these fields. Just include any of them you want in the feed you upload and we'll pass them along in your GMC feed.


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