What is the singlefeed?

Besides being the name of our company, SingleFeed is also the name of the file we generate after you import a file to your SingleFeed account. When you import a file to your account, our system makes a number of optimizations (stripping out HTML, removing extended characters, adding shopping engine categories, etc). These optimizations are reflected in your SingleFeed file. You can download your SingleFeed at any time to view your this data: http://support.singlefeed.com/entries/251480-how-do-i-get-a-copy-of-my-singlefeed

We then use your SingleFeed file to craft your optimized shopping engine feeds that are submitted to the shopping engines each day. The SingleFeed format has more required fields than any single comparison shopping engine data feed you've seen. There are many strongly recommended fields which you've probably never thought about filling out (assuming you've been working with the shopping engines for a while). The point of these extra requirements is to ensure that you're submitting the best possible feed to each shopping comparison engine. You can see all of these fields - required, optional, and otherwise - in your SingleFeed file. For a full explanation of each field go here: http://support.singlefeed.com/entries/180017-supported-fields

Most merchants know about search engine optimization (SEO); a strategy to get to the top of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Very few merchants know about data feed optimization (DFO); a strategy to get to the top of Google Product Search, Shopzilla, etc. When you first get your products into SingleFeed, you've already optimized your feed more than the average merchant. With your SingleFeed as a foundation, you can then begin to build an even better feed by using our data feed tips found throughout our site, forum, and blogs (http://support.singlefeed.com/entries/243884-how-do-i-optimize-my-feed). If you're on our Premium or full service plan, you'll achieve even more success on the shopping comparison engines by the tips and optimization strategies provided by your account manager. 


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