Does SingleFeed have an integration Add-on for osCommerce?

Yes! osCommerce merchants looking to send their products to our available comparison shopping engines can now use SingleFeed's export tool to submit products automatically.  SingleFeed has developed a tool which allows osCommerce merchants to easily submit to multiple shopping engines.

Installation is rather easy, and usually a feed can be generated in under 30 minutes.  Click here for downloadable instructions.

osCommerce is one of the original open source platforms.  The osCommerce Add-on installs into the Tools section in the Admin for an osCommerce website.  The Add-on exports merchant’s products into a SingleFeed format every night and can even be generated manually with the click of a button.  The manual feature is handy if a merchant has significant changes to their products and wants to get them sent to the engines faster.

Download our SingleFeed osCommerce Add-on today.

If you want more information on the osCommerce Add-on or have other questions about SingleFeed, visit our osCommerce partner page and someone will contact you soon.


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