How do I recategorize my products for the shopping engines?

As an optimization service to further enhance your shopping engine campaign, SingleFeed categorizes your products for all the shopping engines. Whenever we see a new product in your feed (based off the Unique Internal Code or UIC), we key off the category field in your feed and then map your product to what we feel is the ideal category at each shopping engine. Since these category "rules" are hard-coded into your account, you have to let us know if you want to edit them.

If you want to tweak your shopping engine categories, there are two options at present.

1) If you can outline the changes you want in an email, just file a new support ticket letting us know what you want recategorized and how. Let us know the Product UIC and the new engine category you want.

2) If the changes are too elaborate to spell out in an email, we'll have you send us a data feed file with your new categories. Basically, you can download your SingleFeed file, update any and all of the engine categories you want to tweak, save, and then send to us. To get started with this process, please file a support ticket. We'll reply back with further instructions. 


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