What are the minimum CPC fees for each shopping engine?

Below are links to available CPC rate cards for each of the engines that we work with. Please note that if an engine is not listed, it is either free, or that rate card cannot be linked to.


NexTag - https://merchants.nextag.com/serv/main/buyer/CPCCatMinsPopup.jsp

Pricegrabber - https://partner.pricegrabber.com/mss_main.php?sec=1&ccode=us

Pronto - https://merchant.pronto.com/enrollment/marketing/rateCard.do?parentId=-478bef09-12b56b23fd9-5898

Shopping.com - https://merchant.shopping.com/enroll/Rates.html

Become.com - https://docs.google.com/a/singlefeed.com/viewer?url=http://www.become.com/resource-center/become-rate-card.pdf

Smarter - http://www.smarter.com/advertise/ratecard.html

Shopzilla - https://merchant.shopzilla.com/docs/bid_ratecard.pdf

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