Where can I find category taxonomies for each shopping engine?

Proper categorization will help put your products in the right place to be found by people who want to buy them. The more accurate your categorization is the more likely your products will be found and purchased. Listed below are the category taxonomies from some of the bigger comparison shopping sites. There are over eight thousand different category values across these sites. Many of these overlap or vary slightly from site to site. Keeping up with multiple taxonomies and categorizing each of your products to fit each one is not only tedious, but a distraction from your more important responsibilities. Many feed management solutions expect you to do this categorization work yourself.

That's where SingleFeed can help. We have a team of specialists dedicated to putting your products in the proper categories across all the marketing channels supported by SingleFeed. We will help to ensure your products are in the right place to be discovered and hopefully purchased.

For more information on how we can help streamline your marketing efforts you can request a demo or you can email us at info@singlefeed.com


Shopping Engine Category Taxonomies





eBay CommerceNetwork (formerly Shopping.com):

See attachment below



(note that this is their rate card which varies from their internal categorization document. For that see attachment below.)

Google Product Search:




Bing Shopping:



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