Why is my PowerReviews "Continue Shopping" link incorrect?

If you have implemented PowerReviews on your website, customers will be presented with the "thank you" page (seen below) after submitting a review.

If you are submitting your feed to PowerReviews through SingleFeed and also have SingleFeed's redirect tracking activated, the "Please Continue Shopping" link will need to be updated so that it links to your store's homepage and not to reporting.singlefeed.com.




The PowerReviews team has acknownledged this issue and suggests the following options to rectify it:


Indeed, we pull the base URL from the product URL field. There are two options in this case:

 1)  The merchant can add a variable to their review page named pr_return_url and explicitly define a continue shopping URL. However, they will lose the default back to product page URL that is also currently listed there.

 2)  They can hide the continue shopping URL using CSS, leaving only the back to product page URL. The CSS below would need to be added to their override  style sheet via the PowerReviews Dashboard under Configuration > Customize Styles > Advanced Customization. 

.prMerchantBaseLink { 


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