What does the "Feed Optimization Report" I received from Shopping.com mean?

You may receive a "feed optimization report" from Shopping.com that highlights suggested improvements to your feed (see image #1).  The most important thing to know is that - even if your products are in the yellow or orange states - they are still live on Shopping.com.  This report is primarily about improvements and suggestions... and you've probably already heard many of these suggestions from SingleFeed, as they revolve mostly around accurate categorization and including as many relevant attributes as possible.

Here is what you should do when you receive this report:  click the "see offers" links in the detailed reports column for any row in which you have products.  This will take you to a downloadable Excel file with detailed information for each product.  Then, visit the following page for more information on each of the suggestion / error codes that you find:


One of the most common scenarios is having products that Shopping.com describes as "partially-findable" and which are listed as "categorized but missing left-nav attributes."  This just means that there are additional attributes you could be providing for your category of products.  ie: "megapixels" if you sell cameras or "material" if you sell apparel or furniture.  If you don't include these attributes, then your products won't be included in the results when a shopper filters on these criteria... and this is done via what Shopping.com calls their "left-nav" or - in simpler terms - search filters (see the red highlighted area in image #2).  Find out more about partially-findable products here:



Image #1:



Image #2:



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