Why does SingleFeed charge a setup fee & what do I get in return?

The setup and integration phase is typically the most time intensive component of working with SingleFeed (for both us and you) and it takes our average customer 15-30 days from their signup date to get completely up and running.  Visit our Integration Guide to learn more.  While we strive to make our product as easy to use and self-serve as possible, there is no getting around the fact that feed management can be complex and tricky stuff.  We want you to succeed on the shopping engines and we feel that part of that success requires some training and support during your integration with our product and with the shopping engines.

We have a team that does a lot of work to help get you up and running and who, over the course of your integration, devotes multiple hours to your account.  Here are some of the efforts that our setup fee is used to support:

  • A SingleFeed account manager will guide you through our service, the integration process and will help set expectations.
  • Your account manager will complete an initial feed review to ensure that all of the basic content requirements are covered and will provide feedback as necessary.
  • We have a team devoted to categorizing every one of your products into each of the shopping engines' specific category taxonomies.  This saves you up to days to properly categorize all your products for each shopping engine. Many other feed management providers don't offer this step or make you do it yourself.
  • Our system automates the mapping of each of your product fields to each of the 18+ different shopping engine fields... as with other providers, you don't have to manage this yourself.
  • After your first engine feeds are delivered, your account manager will log into each of your shopping engine accounts and ensure that the necessary mapping and setup has been completed and that 100% of your listings are live.  Many other feed management providers skip this step.
  • Your account manager will be available via email or our support ticketing system to help with any setup issues related to the SingleFeed service.
  • The shopping engines can be difficult to work with and they are constantly changing their requirements.  You can rely on our industry expertise to remove any roadblocks when sending out your first feeds.

SingleFeed customers on all plans enjoy the integration support and benefits described above.  If you are interested in more in-depth, targeted consultation or management services, consider our Premium plan or Full Service Management options to experience even more success!


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