How do I tell if I have live products on Bing Shopping?

If you recently launched Bing Shopping, please know that it can take up to 3 weeks to go live after SingleFeed has submitted your first feed. For general information about getting listed on Bing Shopping, please see here.


Once you know SingleFeed is delivering your feed to Bing (you can see feed delivery record in adCenter under the Bing Shopping interface), it can still be difficult to actually see your products listed on Bing Shopping. We've found these methods to be useful:

1. Do a search on your site URL, but without the www part. I.e. search for: '' rather than ''.

2. Do a search on an exact product name from your feed. Pick something detailed and longer rather than general and short.

3. If you have MPNs or UPCs (which you should!) in your feed, search on them.

4. Check under the Stores listing on Bing Shopping. Note though that occasionally you may not be listed under Stores even if you are live on Bing, so start with the above three methods.

Once you have found a listing from your feed, click on it and have a look at the landing page URL. If you have SingleFeed tracking enabled, you will see tracking parameters at the end of the URL (typically 'utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=bingshopping'). Occasionally the listing may be syndicated from another shopping engine, such as or Shopzilla. In this case, 'utm_source' will not be 'bingshopping' but something else. This means that Bing is using syndicated results from a paid engine, which is part of Bing Shopping's business model. You will get charged for these clicks at that other shopping engine and the clicks will show up under the other engine's results in your SingleFeed reports. There is nothing SingleFeed can do for you in these cases, but you can contact Bing Shopping at to let them know that you are delivering a direct feed and would prefer it over syndicated results.


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