Product Level Cost Data FAQs

Cost data is currently available for: NexTag,, Shopzilla, Become, Pronto and Smarter.

Product level cost data is currently in BETA. 


Q: I don’t see any cost data in my reports

A: Make sure that you are active on one or more of the above listed engines and are receiving clicks from them. For NexTag and Shopzilla, follow these custom guidelines. Once you’ve done these steps, please file a support ticket and let us know you are missing cost data.


Q: I see engine level cost data but not product level data

A: Make sure you are looking at a recent timeframe as product level data has only been collected since April 2011 while engine level cost data has been available much longer. 


Q: I see cost data but no order and/or revenue data

A: This means you have SingleFeed tracking and reporting activated in your account, but have not installed our conversion tracking code on your website. Please check out this support article on installing our tracking codes.


Q: When I go to “Reporting by Product”, I don’t see any product level cost data

A: You are likely looking at ‘All Engines’. You will need to choose a specific engine from the drop-down menu. We don’t sum up product level costs on the All Engines level because we do not get cost data from all engines.


Q: The sum total of my product level cost data does not match my engine level cost data

A: This can happen if you change your product URLs or if your custom tracking codes interfere with our matching technology. Some discrepancy between the two is normal but if you see major differences, please file a support ticket.


Q: The cost data in SingleFeed reports does not match the cost data in my shopping engine account(s).

A: You can expect some amount of discrepancy between your SingleFeed cost data and your shopping engine cost data. Over time we hope to minimize discrepancies by improving our matching technology. If you see a discrepancy, consider your shopping engine account data as more accurate (since it tells you what you actually pay the engine).


Q: There is no cost data for a particular product in my report

A: It’s possible that this product is a) no longer active in your SingleFeed account, b) cost data could not be matched due to issues with your product URL.


Q: Can I filter out non-performing products from being sent to specific engines

A: Definitely! See here for details on suppressing products.


Q: Can I set automatic filters to stop items below a certain ROAS threshold etc. from being sent to the engines?

A: Yes, See here for details on suppressing products with performance filters.


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