Can I download just my Problem products?

We don’t currently have a way to download a file with just your Problem products.

There is, however, a way to separate Problem products from your SingleFeed file for easier editing:

1. Download your SingleFeed file from the Products page of your account
2. Auto-filter the header row (and optionally freeze it for easier viewing)
3. Scroll right to the engine categories, starting from Become Category
4. Sort by any one of the engine categories in Descending order

Problem Products are the ones without any engine categories (note that these will also include products yet to be categorized).

Next, have a look at the Problems view in the SingleFeed interface. Let’s say you have problems with missing values in the Category and Manufacturer fields. Use the sorting functionality in the auto-filter to sort by the Category field. This will show you the rows with no values, i.e. Problems for that field. Do the same for the other fields mentioned in your Problems view and fill out the required information. Then re-upload the file to your account and review Problems view again to see if there are remaining problems.


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