How do I submit additional images to Google Product Search?

You have two options for submitting additional images to Google:

1. Use the 'Google Alt Images' field:

'Google Alt Images'

Used to send additional images of an item to Google. For example, if you have images that show the product from a different angle than the main image, or if you have images of the packaging or the product in various settings. You can include up to 10 additional images per item. Separate each image URL by a comma. URLs must include the http:// portion and comply with regular image URL requirements. 

2. Use the separate 'Alt Image' fields:

'Alt Image 1' etc.

Used to send alternative images. Field headers should be named 'Alt Image 1', 'Alt Image 2', 'Alt Image 3' etc (i.e. not just 'Alt Image'). Each field supports one image URL. The URL must comply to the regular image URL requirements. Can be used in place of the Google Alt Images field. I.e. instead of having several image URLs in that field, you can include them in separate fields and SingleFeed will combine them for Google. These fields may be used with other engines than Google if they support alternative images.

More on these and our other supported fields:


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