How do I suppress / remove products from specific shopping engines?

SingleFeed offers several ways to limit product selection for each shopping engine. This allows you to send your complete product feed to SingleFeed and then choose which products should be delivered to which engines. Your options are:


1. Using Product or Performance Filters

This is an effective and easily manageable way to exclude products from shopping engine feeds. Within your SingleFeed account interface you will set up rules to identify products that should be excluded. These rules apply to the current product set and also any new products added to the feed that meet the rule criteria. See this support article for more detailed information.

Note: SingleFeed recommends using Product or Performance filters over the other two options. If you have any questions or concerns about filters or need help in setting them up, please file a support ticket and we'll get them up and running for you.


2. Using Include Fields in your data feed

This is a way to exclude individual products or groups of products by marking them with a 'N' value in the appropriate Include Fields in your data feed. You can work in excel or have your ecommerce platform auto-fill the fields (the latter will likely require development work). This option does not address new product if managed manually. I.e. you will need to periodically update your include field choices. More on this option here.

3. Excluding products via the SingleFeed Reporting Interface

This is a way to exclude products via the SingleFeed reporting interface. Only products with clicks from shopping engines in the timeframe you've chosen to look at can be excluded with this method. This option is typically an alternative to a performance filter. More on this option here


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