Benefits of a site search solution

SingleFeed has teamed up with a network of trusted site search providers who focus on site search, faceted navigation, and merchandising solutions for online retailers. Merchant's who use Site Search and Personalization solutions can improve the relevancy of on site search results, satisfy shoppers, and increase sales and conversion rates.

Site Search solutions have many features and benefits which contribute to the overall increase in performance for a merchant's website. These solutions can increase conversion rate, increase average order quantities, and increase average order value. In the past, such solutions have been extremely expensive, typically only available to IR400 or higher merchants and required weeks of integration and setup, as well as hours of training. All that has changed in the last few years as these solutions became available using a SaaS model. Merchants no longer had to maintain costly servers and software licenses and there was less work to integrate. Now there are several solutions out there which SingleFeed supports that offer cutting edge features and technologies to increase your websites.

Site search can add several new elements to your website that may have been missing. Below is a list of some common features:

  • Improved keyword search is the first item that can be improved. By adding "did you mean" or suggested keyword searches you can point shoppers in the right direction. Including support for misspellings, and synonyms is also a valuable feature that is often included.
  • Faceted navigation also helps visitors filter and refine their search results or category results. These filters are created dynamically and group products by price ranges, brands, # of reviews or average rating, category, color, or size. 
  • Field weighting is also important to merchants, as they can skew results to rely more heavily on certain product data than other fields.
  • Product comparison features are helpful for shoppers to look at a few products at the same time to compare similar or different features.
  • SEO benefits which include tag clouds, unique urls, sitemaps, or list of popular searches and keywords; can all be used to help improve organic rankings in the search engines.


If you have questions about getting started with a site search solution, visit our Site Search Providers page.


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