Google Product Search Update - Apparel Category

Google’s changes in the Apparel category will affect merchants who sell clothing, shoes or accessories. Merchants selling clothes and shoes with varying colors and sizes will be most affected. The main change for these merchants is that "parent" products will no longer be allowed: 

I.e. you cannot submit a product with several values in the color or size fields, each color/size variation needs to be a separate product.

This means that you may need to completely restructure your feed! Please take the time to carefully review the instructions below and on Google's help pages. If your feed does not fully comply with these new requirements, your Google Product Search feed may be disapproved. SingleFeed cannot help you restructure your feed, but we are here to help explain the new requirements.

Read on for more details.

New required fields for Apparel

Size - will be required for clothing and shoes (not accessories)
Age Group (note: use field name "Google Age Group" with SingleFeed)
Item Group ID - will be required for all variants

New recommended fields for Apparel


SingleFeed supports all of these fields. Check our supported fields page for more information about each field and accepted values.
SingleFeed Supported Fields

Additional information from Google:
  • You may use the variant attributes -- 'color', 'material', 'pattern', and 'size' -- to describe how your products vary, but must also include the apparel attributes -- 'age group' and 'gender' -- to describe your products.
  • We do not consider products to vary by either 'gender' or 'age group' -- your variant products must vary by one of the four variant attributes (color, material, pattern, or size)
  • You must provide an image for each variant which depicts that specific variant product.
  • When naming your variant products, be sure to include the title common to all variant items (i.e. "Roxy shirt"), as well as the variant attributes (i.e. "Mens Small Blue"). 
  • Titles must not be identical across variant items in the same 'item group id' group, but should also contain the common title of the items.
  • Submit one item per variant combination. For example, if you offer a t-shirt in 4 colors and 5 sizes, you need to submit 20 items (if you offer all color size combinations). 
  • Don’t submit the master (parent) item as a separate listing, only all "child" or variant items. 
  • Each variant must have a unique 'id' value, but must share the same value in the 'item group id' attribute. 
  • Each variant within the group must have the same set of variant attributes, and the combination of values of those attributes must be unique.
Google’s Tips for Submitting Apparel Products


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