Google Product Search Transitioning to a Paid Model: More Details

First and foremost, SingleFeed is here to help with any issues related to the transition. Do not hesitate to contact our support team with any questions. Not sure how to set up Product Listing Ads, connect your Google Merchant Center to AdWords etc.? Contact us and we'll help you out!

You have some time to prepare; the full transition will happen around October. But the sooner you start, the better.

Here are some additional recommendations and updates related to the transition:


We strongly recommend that you have SingleFeed tracking fully set up to track clicks and orders from Google Product Search. This will help you to determine your best performing products and engines and set bidding and budgets accordingly. See here for details on tracking installation.

Note: Google tracking relies on Product Page codes. Installing only Conversion Page codes will not track Google traffic.


We are launching two new product features that will make it easier for you to control which products are delivered to which engines. This will come in handy since you will likely want to focus on your best performing and best selling products on Google once it is no longer a free program. The features are:

Product Filter:
Filter products from engines based on attribute criteria. You will be able to easily find all products that meet a certain criteria, for example: manufacturer name X, product price less than $xx, category not Y, sale price not empty etc. The options are endless. You will then be able to suppress those products from being sent to certain engines. This is handy as it will allow you to focus on a certain set of products per engine and will also allow you to exercise quality control, something that will be increasingly important on Google Product Search. For example, don't have UPCs or MPNs for some products? Create a filter to remove them from the Google feed while you look for them.

Performance-based SKU suppression:
Suppress products from engines based on actual performance. SingleFeed tracking will need to be fully installed for this feature to work. Easily find products below or above a certain performance threshold and suppress them from certain engines. This will be an extremely helpful feature in making sure your CSE budget is spent wisely and you get the most out of your CSE spend.


Don't forget to take advantage of Google's incentives for existing and new Product Listing Ads merchants!

  • All merchants who create Product Listing Ads by August 15, 2012 will automatically receive a monthly credit for 10% of their total Product Listing Ad spend through the end of 2012; and
  • Existing Google Product Search merchants can receive $100 AdWords credit toward Product Listing Ads if they fill out a form before August 15, 2012.

Sign up for these credits here:


Existing clients of SingleFeed can reach us at or by filing a support ticket through their SingleFeed account. If you are a Premium client, your friendly technical account manager should be your first point of contact.

Interested merchants who are not yet SingleFeed clients can reach our fantastic sales team at:
(800) 705-8852


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