Google Product Search Transitioning to a Paid Model on October 17, 2012

Google has announced that Google Product Search / Google Shopping will no longer be a free program beginning Fall 2012. Details of this major announcement can be found here:

Our blog post:

We encourage all of our merchants begin the transition as soon as possible. Google offers incentives to merchants already using Product Listings Ads and to those new to the program. Details of the incentives are in the Google blog post linked above.

If you have any initial questions, please file a support ticket through your SingleFeed account or email us at 

We will be posting additional information on the support portal as it comes available.


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    Joonas Y.

    The deadline to set up Product Listing Ads and complete the transition has been set to October 17, 2012.

    See Google's blog post for more information.

    SingleFeed has information about the transition in our Google Channel and our Google transition FAQs.

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